Usage of carved wooden blocks for printing on fabrics is a century old art. While it’s exact origins are difficult to ascertain, there have been various evidence pointing to various countries such as Egypt, India, China, where this technique was being used.

In modern times, the wooden block stamps are used to print designs on clothing in India (Jaipur). The entire process from creating the wooden blocks to printing the design on apparel is entirely handmade.

The intricate designs on the wooden blocks are carved by karigar (artisan). The process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days depending upon the complexity of the design.

Modern Usage of the Blocks:

These wooden blocks are now a days used to print on various mediums such as paper, cards, canvas, wallpaper, etc.

Please watch below for a tutorial on how to use wooden block for printing on paper. The same process can be used on cloth.


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