OhIndigo Products Care Guide

Well cared for, your OhIndigo purchase will last a long time and keep looking as fresh as the day you bought it. If you have any questions about specific items, please feel free to contact via email.

Care Guide:

Kantha Stitch Silk Scarves:

Correct care will insure that you silk products will last for years without losing their quality. Please follow the below instructions:

Hand wash separately in cold water. Use mild detergent.

Do not dry the scarf in clothes dryer. Hang the scarf to dry, avoid direct harsh sunlight.

Don’t iron silk too hot. And remember- Silk is a protein structure pretty much like human hair. Heat will damage it.

Wooden Stamps

They are very durable and last for years when taken care of. Please follow the below instructions:

After the painting process, clean the stamp with a soap solution using a soft brush (a toothbrush works perfect in this case). If the colours do not come off easily, please soak the wooden stamps in a warm soap solution for about 10 minutes and then scrub off the colour using a soft brush.

After the color has come off, wash it again with clean water and then wipe with a dry soft cotton cloth.

Finally, dry the blocks in the sunlight for a few hours before storing them away.

Please remember to clean the wooden stamps immediately after you have used them, the dried paint clogs up the carvings and storing unclean or wet stamps shortens their life.

Jute Bags

Clean the bag using cloth pad with mild detergent and dry naturally.

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