Love knows no boundaries

So this might sound crazy but it’s the way it is!

I moved to New Zealand a few months back. New Zealand known for its breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery, adventure sports & of course as the land of The Lord of the Rings. And I fell in love with this place instantly. Who wouldn’t, right?

All this while I thought it was because I was in the lap of nature, surrounded by trees, mountains and oceans. But just two days back I realised it wasn’t so. This place means so much to me because of Charlie!

Charlie is my only friend here, in this new, foreign country. She visits me daily, actually multiple times a day. We do yoga together in the morning (actually I do yoga, while she sits on the couch), sometimes she comes to meet me during lunchtime and even naps on my bed for hours together! She is very good friends with my husband as well. In the evening we all play strings together. Charlie loves it! And oh btw Charlie is a cat. Our house owner’s cat, who spends a lot of time in our house, jumping on surfaces she isn’t supposed to.

Last weekend we were out of town and when we came back, we found out that Charlie was sick, very sick and sadly the vet couldn’t identify what was wrong with her. They were running all sorts of tests to figure out but all in vain. This broke my heart! I couldn’t believe it. I cried bucket loads. I really did and I couldn’t believe I was doing so, this was a cat whom I had met just a few months back. How could this affect me so much? That’s when the realisation struck me that this furry little creature was my only friend here. I looked forward to seeing her every day and I know feeling was mutual. It’s funny how people (and animals) enter your lives and create such a deep impact.  This is when I truly understood the meaning of “love knows no boundaries”.

Miraculously, Charlie got better! Yayy! The vet still doesn’t know what happened and how she got better but I guess the important thing is that she is recovering. I am over the moon! And so is my husband. Last few days, both of us tried to cheer each other up but there was a lingering feeling of worry and now phew! That phase is hopefully over.

I am eagerly waiting for Charlie (with a new ball of strings) to be released from the hospital and come home.

Cute Charlie

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