14955821_886626591473271_3686325093764899090_nOur Story

Do-It-Yourself art came into my life as a hobby, inspired by the countless summer afternoons that I would spend by my thamma’s (grandma’s) side while she took uninteresting, everyday things and weaved them together to create something magical! She often used to tell me nothing in this world is “just ordinary”, a true craftsman is someone who can see something unique even in the most common elements and transform it into an inspiring artifact. Even today her stories have helped me handle my personal relationships by looking beyond just the evident attributes in a person to see something deeper and more meaningful.

I learnt from her to cross-stitch, back stitch, convert o14907025_887798621356068_4245925980474373686_nld bed-sheets into scarves, bags & many more interesting things. As I grew up, my dad, an engineer by profession and a creator by heart, continued to help me evolve my expression of creativity by spending hours with me making our home artifacts such as penholders and lampshade from scrap.

Time flew by, I recently moved with my husband to NZ. Recollecting my childhood memories and coming back to a hobby that never left me, I decided it was time to blend my passions - travelling and DIY art - to create something straight from heart.

My products are an extension of my character. Each piece has been carefully selected, inspired by a “part of me” from back home that I will always carry with me as I continue to explore the world. Beautiful, bright and radiant colours & patterns from various parts of India tells you that it’s a small world and no matter where you are shopping from we are all connected in some way!

I hope you like what you see here & happy shopping!